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The Sliding Door Diner will be closed indefinitely due to illness and lack of staff. Thanks for understanding.

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Join the Pueblo Railway Museum and the Pueblo Union Depot in our Halloween activities.
The Depot is holding their annual Train of Terror, for
7 Days including Halloween evening!
New this year are 2 days of rides on the Museum's Frankentrain, which like the Frankenstein
monster is assembled from a collection of parts; this time the parts are "speeders" ("putt
putts") propelled by a vintage (old) trackmobile!

For a view into the activities at the Museum, be sure to visit our facebook page. It's the best resource for seeing and commenting on the weekly/monthly efforts in and around the railyard.


The Pueblo Railway Museum's 2016 Polar Express had the highest attendence rate in many years, even with losing December 17th due to brutal and dangerous weather. Thanks to all our visitors (new and repeat) for attending, and to the museum volunteers in setting up the decorations, managing ticket sales, running the train, serving the cookies and chocolate, showing off the model trainset, guiding the visitors to each attaction, running the movie, and being available to answer questions, especially about the newly painted 2912 locomotive. Our team is all museum volunteers (many from outside Pueblo) and not employed by the Depot, so it is their yearly dedication to providing Pueblo with such a unique experience. We are very proud of the time and energy they all contribute. Please also visit our facebook page for on-going comments and picture sharing. Look for our special events throughout 2017!

Railyard News 8 August 2016: The AMTRAK Exhibit Train was a major attraction on August 6 - 7 for Pueblo and southern Colorado! Attendence to the Exhibit Train was free to everyone, and an incentive to: attend the Rail Fair at the deport; purchase items from the vendors, including the Museum's mobile kitchen; learn from rail support organizations; purchase rides on the Pueblo Railway Museum's train; and, admire the reassembly activity of the ATSF 2912 locomotive. Attendence was beyond expectations, and excitement was high!

The Pueblo Railway Museum extends our sincere THANKS and praises for the wonderful experience provided by AMTRAK, and their support to the undergoing efforts of returning AMTRAK service to Pueblo CO! The exhibit was fascinating, and the support staff a pleasure to work with.

If anyone could not visit over the weekend, AMTRAK's website has a great overview of the Exhibit train at Amtrak Exhibit Train and Amtrak Exhibit Train Equipment History. Or, if you forgot to pick up some items from the gift shop, visit their on-line gift shop so you can show your support for AMTRAK returning to Pueblo!

Exhibit train arrives August 4, 2016:

----AMTRAK arrives on main track-----Eases into the yard next to the Patriot and 2912-------Sets up next to the 2912!--------

On Display August 6-7:

-----2912 shows off its shiney new paint job! Lots of "oohs" and "ahs!"------ --------Amtrak consist is huge!-----

----------------View from the bridge-----------------------Ground activity before the crowd arrived-------

Exhibit train Leaves August 7, 2016:

-----Crew gets ready to leave---------- Consist crosses the road toward Switch ---Gets ready to join the BNSF line---

----------------------------------Heads into BNSF yard to queue up for access to Trinidad, CO ----------------------

ATSF 2912 News 8 August 2016: The ATSF 2912 has received its much awaited coat of paint (June10) and was featured in the local newspaper at http://www.chieftain.com/multimedia/photos/4832605-120/paint-robbie-coat-locomotive.
- Drive rods have been reinstalled and the headlight painted and reinstalled . Various protective shields have been set-up in the D Street facility so they and the airtanks can be painted.

- The engine was a crowd pleaser at the August 6-7 Train Show and the Amtrak "open-train":

The PRF thanks all the volunteers and contributers who started almost 2 years ago to get the engine coated. Lots of hours where spent in large tasks (sand-blasting the old paint; reattaching equipment to the boiler and frame; stripping and repainting the rods, etc..), but many more in little tasks (like removing years of protective tape from bearings; removing 40-plus years of caked mud and oil from all over the engine; removing paint and grease from hundreds of bolts, nuts, and fittings. And then there was the weather; a mostly sub-zero winter followed by the start of the rainy season. But 2016 has been a good year for activities.

But, done we are not! The tender is to be prepped and then painted; and some TLC is needed to the locomotive cab to mitigate several vandalisoms.

Photos are being assembled from all participants, plus a display of old stuff that was buried in various nooks-and-crannies of the engine. Even a few Stay Bolts!

Something New!


Hold your Birthday Parties, meetings and other events
at the Pueblo Railway Museum !

Fun and educational for all, and helps raise funds to support our activities !
We have RR cars which can be rented. For an additional charge, train rides
can be provided.  Please contact Ron at 719-251-5024 to schedule your event.

Visit our NEWS PAGE  for the latest activities and schedule of future events. Also, check out our Newsletter





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Fun ~ Interesting ~ Educational ~ For All Ages

We invite all, rail buff or not, resident or visitor to visit the Pueblo Railway Museum where you can see, touch,enter, and sometimes ride the locomotives and cars that made railroad history. We are home to the massive AT&SF #2912, the largest steam locomotive of its type built, and three operating GP-7 diesel locomotives.  Our goal is historic preservation of railroad artifacts and history and making them available to our guests. Educational programs are being implemented. 

Rail Yard Museum and Gift Shop
The Pueblo Railway Museum includes locomotives, passenger, freight and special-purpose cars in the rail yards behind and a short distance to the west of the historic 1889 Pueblo Union Depot. The Depot, privately owned and rented for stores, restaurants and offices, is a national historic landmark and the hallways are a museum themselves. Our gift shop and visitors center is in a former caboose, later used as a training car, and offers clothing and other rail-related merchandise for all ages. The gift shop plus several of the cars are sometimes open to the public and can be visited at other times by contacting our on-site guide, Ron Roach at 719-251-5024.  

Train Watching
Tracks of the main lines of both the UP and the BNSF pass alongside our museum yard tracks. This is part of the famous "joint line". More than 25 trains per day pass through.  A great photo location for railfans.  We see many unusual things such as continuous welded rail trains, hauling rail one quarter mile long from the large rail welding plant in Pueblo and we see all new locomotives and other equipment enroute to and from the "test track" facility northeast of Pueblo operated by the American Association of Railroads for the Federal Railway Administration

Union Pacific "Heritage Fleet" SD70 D&RGW passes by the Museum. Photo by Ron Roach
"SD70/90" on its way
to the Test Track
Aircraft fuselage
passing through

Heritage Center
Our museum includes exhibits at the Southeastern Colorado Heritage Center. Hours are 10AM to 4PM Tues. thru Sat. Displays of railroad artifacts are complemented with interpretive information showing how each item was used and the history of its development. Exhibits are rotated from time to time to reflect popular themes as they relate to railroading. Besides the rail area of the museum, the exhibits of the Heritage Center itself and the other member historical societies are very interesting and worth the visit. The Heritage Center is across the street from the Depot at 201 West "B" Street.

News and Calendar
For the latest news briefs and upcoming events, please visit our News Page
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Donations are what enables us to continue to maintain and grow the museum, and to preserve Pueblo's great railroad history. To see how you can help, please visit our Donations Page. Also contact information.

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