AT&SF #2912
The Pueblo Railway Museum is constantly interested in any history we can obtain about the ATSF2912. Photos, stories, books, postcards, and artifacts are welcome. As a non-profit organization, we have very little funds for purchasing any 2912 items, but as a, IRS designated 501(c)3, we can provide tax deductions to the extent permitted by law.
The 2912 was built by Baldwin in 1944.  Wartime restrictions of materials made unavailable certain steel alloys, resulting in the 2900 series being the heaviest of the 4-8-4 "Northern" locomotives built.  The 2912 with tender weighs just under a million pounds.  The 2900's were also among the fastest, carrying 300 lbs. boiler pressure and 80" diameter drivers.  They usually served in passenger service between LaJunta, Colorado and Los Angeles, California.  Northerns, however, were "general purpose" engines and could be seen on both passenger and freight consists.

This photo is from the ATSF public relations office and shows the 2912 in service.

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