Welcome to 2912.us!
Dedicated to the rebuilding of the
ATSF 2912 Steam Locomotive
located at the
Pueblo Union Depot, Pueblo, Colorado

A Project of the Pueblo Railway Museum
and Railfans across the World

The engine was repainted in July 2016 after 2 years of preparation and reassembly work by
Railway Museum Volunteers and donors. Only the engine could be done: 22 gallons of paint costing
over $100/gallon), loan of a lift device, and donation of lots of labor for painting, cleanup of the parts, and replacing the rods and other devices. All help was highly appreciated, including the participants in Sponsor-a-Square program. Photos and stories available on the Pueblo Railway Museum site.
Next year, the tender is scheduled for work!

What is the 2912 and why is it so important?
The ATSF 2912 is one of the last remaining 2900 class 4-8-4 steam locomotives built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Atchinson, Tokeka and Santa Fe railroad. Like its peers, the 2903 (lIlinois Railway Museum), 2925 (Sacramento State Railroad Museum) and 2926 (New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society), the 2912 is both a reminder of the technologies that made America great, and is a link to the past of how our ancestors built their lives in America
Will the engine be brought up to full steam operation?
After many years of inspections and partial rebuilds of components (starting in 1994), the situations today make such a venture very costly (multiple millions of dollars), plus require trackage willing to allow steam operations. At present, this is outside the labor and funding available through volunteers or grantors. Our goal now is to return the 2912 to as close to its condition when it was first put into service, and to use it as an education tool for large-scale mechanical engineering.
What Additional work needs to be done?
Additional components and devices will be replaced onto the 2912 after they are painted, and the tender is next on the list for the major work. Second to this is the search for a shelter to protect the locomotive from the brutal sun and winters.
How can I help?
We have several ways for providing funds:

1. Sponsor a Square!

Designate a part of the 2912 as your official contribution to its rebuild.